Residential Pest Control
Pest control Service for your home
Pest inspections and Treatments
  • We first inspect your home to understand your requirements
  • Then identify pest and establish the reason for its presence
  • Make appropriate recommendations
  • Carry out treatment utilising chemical and non-chemical control measures
  • Report
  • On going monitoring
Real Estate
End of lease treatment
  • The tenant is responsible to treat the property, during the tenancy period.
  • The residential tenancies of NSW states, you are responsible for the eradication of pests.
  • If the infestation occurs after you have moved in and if the infestation was caused by your activities or lack of cleanliness.

Tenants may be required to seek an end of lease pest control treatment, Pest controls services prior to vacating their lease.

Ways We Do Pest Treatment:
  • Inside – Chemical spray Inside rooms, bathrooms, around edges, dust inside cracks & gaps, under the sink.  Gel applied inside kitchen cupboards for German cockroaches.
  • Outside – All around window, gutters, fence, shed, garage, pergola and garden.
  • Roof – Blow dust powder and rodent baits
  • Under the house- blow dust powder or spray liquid pesticide.
Residential Disinfection Service for your home – Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi
Protect Your Family And Home From COVID-19
  • The best way to stop the spread of harmful viruses is through prevention
  • Our high-grade disinfection services is designed to target and disinfect all areas of your home such as floors, walls, benches table, tv, ventilations and other furnishings.
  • Our broad-spectrum mister disperses fine micron particles targeting all areas of your home in a short period of time allowing you to re enter.
  • Safe for your family and pets.
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  • Fully Insured Staff
  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • Kids & Pets Safe

Fully Insured Staff

All work covered under our workmanship warranty and fully Insured staff
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15+ Years of Experience

Kids & Pets Safe

We use the materials that are safe for your kids and pets!
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