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Spiders are not insects!
  • Spiders belong to the class Arachnida along with mites, ticks, scorpions and harvestmen.

Spiders ARE Pests because

  • There is the danger of bites – particularly to children and workers.
  • The build-up of spider webbing
  • Fear
Spider Treatments:

Like all pest management treatments, are most effective when following the methodology of Integrated Pest Management ( IPM)

  • Risk Assessment
  • Inspection & Identification
  • Treatment – using a suitable combination of physical, biological, cultural and chemical control measures
  • Follow up.
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Chemical Control by our Qualified technician:
  • Control is only achieved by pesticide having direct contact with the spider
  • As spiders have little contact with surfaces, a lethal dose is not achieved by residual treatment of surfaces.
  • Ground dwelling spider control can only be achieved by direct spraying into burrows
  • Webbing spider control can only be achieved by spraying into harbourages.
  • Spray treatments carried out by using low pressure & coarse droplets, with crack & crevice spray nozzles
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