Effective Rodent management is best achieved by following the basis steps of Integrated Pest Management:

  • Inspect
  • Identify pest and establish the reasons for its presence
  • Make appropriate recommendations
  • Carry out treatment utilising chemical and non-chemical control measures 
  • Report
  • On going monitoring

Treatment by Our Professional technicians:
Snap traps:
  • Most effective when places on rodent runaways
  • Effective for mice inside the house.
  • We can set up specially designed humane snap traps where baits cannot be used which will need to me monitored daily

Tracking powder:
  • Sometimes we may need to use rodent tracking powders to apply to burrows and rub marks

  • The most common method used for rodent control
  • As baits are used to poison mammals, caution are used to prevent access by people & other non-target animals. 
  • As baits are placed in lockable stations in preferred rodent feeding areas outside.
  • Station choice will reflect the risk of non-target species assessing baits. 
  • Modern baits work as anticoagulants
  • Baits are available as single dose (lethal dose achieved in one feed) or multiple dose (multiple feeds required to achieve lethal dose) formulations.  
  • safest multi dose formulations are that they metabolised by the rodent as it takes effect, meaning that the residue levels are much lower.  Lower residues mean much greater lower secondary poisoning risk.  
  • Multiple dose formulation recommended for sensitive accounts (schools, childcare facilities etc)

What to expect after the treatment?
  • It can take up 2-3 weeks to completely rid rodents from your property.  This is because we need to allow time for rodents to find the bait and consume the bait for it to work.
  • Death typically occurs few days after the rodents have ingested the bait this allows time for the affected rodent to leave the building and die elsewhere typically 80-90 % will die elsewhere as intended 
  • When rodents live in your roof or subfloor, they let of pheromones that will attract other rodents to the areas this why we place not only enough bait to kill the current infestation but enough for any future infestations so if you hear noises a few months later.  Don’t panic a first unless the noise persists for more than a week.  Baits can’t stop rodents entering your house just get rid of them once they’re in. 
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