Cockroach Management

Effective cockroach management is best achieved by following the basic steps of Integrated Pest Management:

  • Our Professional technician will Inspect the site.  
  • Identify pest and establish the reasons for its presence
  • Our technician will make appropriate recommendations
  • Carry out treatment utilising chemical and non-chemical control measures
  • Report
  • Ongoing monitoring.
Non-chemical control Measures
  • Proofing – Removal of cockroach shelter areas.  The sealing of cracks and crevices, re grouting of tiles.
  • Hygiene – Removal of food and water sources, keeping food and rubbish in sealed containers, regular removal of rubbish that provides harbourages  ( cardboard boxes etc.),

Regular cleaning of surfaces and equipment, regular stock rotation.

Chemical control Measures.
  • Numerous pesticide formulations and application techniques are available for cockroach control.
Chemical formulations.


  • Liquids - including emulsifiable concentrate, wettable powders, suspension concentrates and micro-encapsulated concentrates
  • Dusts
  • Baits – including gels, pastes, granules and bait inside a provided cockroach harbourage station
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