Carpet Beetle
Carpet Beetles
  • Cause damage to carpets, rugs, wall hangings, clothing
  • Infest any type of cheese or milk product, as well as dried pasta
  • Larvae are small hairy grubs and when handled and can cause allergic reactionss in some people.
Control Measures

Effective management of Carpet beetles is best achieved by following the basic steps of

Integrated Pest Management:
  • Inspect 
  • Identify pest and establish the reasons for its presence. 
  • Make appropriate recommendations for prevention.
  • Carry out treatment utilising chemical and non-chemical control measures.
  • Report and ongoing measures.
Chemical control
  • It is usually necessary to use chemical control methods in order to obtain a satisfactory level of control.
  • Surface sprays of carpets are a basic element of carpet beetle & Clothes moth control.  
  • Technician will apply spray underneath carpet, around furniture & in a band about 45 cm wide around wall edges.  The spray needs to penetrate to the base of carpet fibres.  
  • This application is done after the carpet has been cleaned.  
  • Dust will be applied to roof voids & subfloors for the control of silverfish.
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