No matter how well-maintained a property is, it can still be vulnerable to bedbug infestation, especially when there is a constant turnover of travellers (which is common in the hospitality industry), or when an infested second-hand furniture is brought into the property. Despite this, bedbugs can be eradicated with regular inspections and the use of appropriate treatment methods.

At Quepest control, the first step that we take when it comes to bedbug control is to conduct a thorough inspection of your property to determine the severity of the infestation. This helps us come up with accurate recommendations on how to efficiently get rid of the unwanted visitors. To make sure that no spots are missed, we will take a look at every part of the building, including the furniture, appliances, wall decors, shelves, curtain rods, skirtings, beddings, mattresses and every nook and cranny.

We will consider other potential causes of infestation, which are often overlooked. Any item that has been taken out of the property during the inspection or treatment process (usually due to safety reasons), will also be checked by our inspectors. Strollers or buggies that are used by children, or pest beds that were brought out during the treatment will also be checked as these can be used as hiding places of bedbugs and overlooking the inspection of these items can lead to reinfestation.

Non-chemical Methods for Bedbug Control

The most effective non-chemical method for bedbug control is prevention. Caulking and gap fillers can avoid bedbugs from using crevices and cracks as their access point. If second-hand furniture, especially wardrobes, couches, beds and mattresses are to be brought into the property, it should first be checked for infestation.

Steaming, with the appropriate temperature, can effectively kill bugs in all life stages without damaging furniture or leaving residues behind.

The Use of Chemical Treatment

If the bedbug infestation is severe, the treatment process may require the use of chemicals, specifically, insecticides. We have team of skilled technicians who will ensure that the application of insecticides will be effective and safe.

Surface Spraying

When the nesting areas, such as cracks and crevices, are the primary focus of the treatment, surface spraying with the use of low-hazard residual chemicals such as wettable powders, suspension concentrates and emulsifiable concentrates is the most effective method to kill off bedbugs.

Space Spraying

In addition to surface spraying, space spraying can also be applied, but it requires for the structure to be vacated for a specific period. Space spraying can be done after surface spraying, usually when there is a risk of bedbugs lingering in other areas of the property that cannot be eliminated by surface spraying alone.


Some materials, such as carpets, and equipment, such as appliances, cannot be treated with wet spray. In these instances, dusting can be useful for controlling bedbug infestation. This method uses a duster for spraying powder pesticides on surfaces and areas where bedbugs reside. When the pests come in contact with the chemical, it will gradually kill them.

The Right Solution for Your Bedbug Problems

Quepest control offers a unique approach for treating infestations in all types of properties. We will handle your pest problems using a treatment and management method customised for your property, safety and needs.

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