What Are Bedbugs and How Do You Get Rid of Them?

Goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!

This is more than just a silly saying that we sing to kids before they go to sleep. If you have bedbugs, this saying is a warning of what’s to come.

So, what are bedbugs and how do you prevent yourself from getting bitten? Read on to find out.

The Problem with Bedbugs

Bedbugs are little critters that feed on both the blood of animals and humans. When they’re not feeding, these bugs are around the size and shape of an apple seed. They are long, brown, flat and oval-shaped.

When they have been fed, they balloon into a more bloated shape and look dark red.

The problem with bedbugs is that they are incredibly resilient. They have been a common household pest for many centuries, and they can usually bite without you even noticing. They usually feed when we’re still, which is why they so often strike at night when we’re asleep.

Bedbugs can go for months at a time without food, and they can go around one and a half years without oxygen!

Bedbugs can breed quickly, laying around 12 eggs every day equating to approximately 500 eggs throughout their life. Bedbugs also grow fast, especially in ideal temperature conditions (around 26°C).

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs

Just because you have been bitten in bed, it doesn’t mean you have bed bugs. That’s why the first step to getting rid of bedbugs is to arrange a professional inspection.

A licenced pest control technician can carefully examine all areas where bedbugs may be present based on their expert knowledge of pest behaviour. Once bedbugs are identified, all target areas can be treated with a chemical insecticide, which will have both an immediate and residual effect.

As well as chemical treatments, vacuuming, steam cleaning, hot washing, and hot drying can be effective complementary treatments. Delicate materials can also be frozen. Sealing crevices and cracks will also help to keep bedbugs out in the future.

While a combination of all these methods is incredibly effective, they won’t always be 100% successful the first time around. As we said, bedbugs are incredibly resilient, and they can often disappear before emerging again. If you have a significant bedbug problem, an additional inspection and follow-up treatment is usually recommended.

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