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    Dealing with a nasty pest infestation? QuePest Control are the experts to control. For over 15 years, our family-owned business has been providing quick and effective pest control in Western Sydney.

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    Leading Pest Control in Western Sydney

    At QuePest Control, we work with both residential and commercial properties and guarantees safe and quality solutions for pest control. Western Sydney customers can count on us to use safe products to keep you and your family protected. With our 6-month warranty guarantee and reliable services, there’s no better team to call for pest control in Western Sydney.
    If your pest problem has not been solved after working with us, we will return to your property free of charge. Give us a call today.

    How Weather Affects Pest Migrations Patterns

    The changing climate during the year will affect if, and which, pests invade your home. During the warmer months, outdoor pests may come out of hiding, including mosquitoes, wasps, and other insects. Excessive rain can drive pests to look for shelter in your home, whereas draught can cause rodents and insects to come inside, looking for water.

    Common Places You’ll Find Pests

    Pests can invade any part of your property, but pay close attention to the kitchen, pantry, the attic, dark corners in your home and the garage.

    Common Pests in Western Sydney

    At QuePest Control, we specialise in dealing with Western Sydney’s most common pests, including termites, wasps and bees, fleas, rodents, silverfish, bed bugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches, and spiders.


    Termite Control Western Sydney

    Termites can cause substantial damage to properties. Look out for the signs of termite infestation:

    • Swarms of insects flying outdoors
    • Significant floor or ceiling damage
    • Cracked paint or plaster on your walls
    • Mud in the cracks of your property’s timber
    • Hollow timber
    • Uneven floors
    • Tight doors and hard to open windows

    Call us today for termite control in Western Sydney.

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