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    Dealing with pests is no easy feat. At QuePest Control, we’re here to help. We offer comprehensive, fast, and effective pest control in Dural. With over 15 years of experience in the business, we are experts when it comes to quality pest control solutions.

    QuePest Control Services Available In Dural

    • Residential Pest Control
      Residential Pest Control

      Residential Pest Control

    • Commercial Pest Control
      Commercial Pest Control

      Commercial Pest Control

    • Termite Solutions
      Termite Solutions

      Termite Solutions

    • Disinfection Service
      Disinfection Service

      Disinfection Service


    Termite Control Dural

    For effective termite control, Dural locals can count on the team at QuePest Control. Look for these common signs of termites:

    • Noticeable floor or ceiling damage
    • Swarms of insects flying outdoors
    • Cracked paint or plaster on the walls
    • Mud in the cracks of your property’s timer
    • Hollow timber
    • Uneven floor
    • Tight fitting doors and windows that have become hard to open

    Local Termite Experts

    At QuePest Control, we provide effective termite barrier solutions. As the trusted experts in termite control, Dural residents can call us for long-term solutions.

    Termite Inspection Services

    We will inspect your property and environment for termite activity, establish the reasons for its presence, provide appropriate recommendations and carry out treatment. We utilise the best chemical and non-chemical control measures on the market.

    Long-Term Termite Control

    Due to their social and feeding habits, termites can go unnoticed while causing significant damage to your property. The best long-term protection is a soil treatment around the base of your home. We can also install a chemical barrier system to hold off these unwanted guests from invading your property in the long term.

    For the experts in fast and effective pest control, Dural locals can call today.

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