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    Pest Control for Homes and Businesses in Western Sydney

    Cockroaches, Rodents, or Termites we have you covered

    We provide fast, safe, and effective pest control services all over Western Sydney.

    Materials we use are safe for the environment, your family, children, and Pets.

    We specialise in effective solutions to get rid of spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, Carpet beetles, Bed bugs, Rodents, and other pests.

    Areas we cover are Greater Western Sydney Region encompasses the local government areas of The Hills Shire, the City of Parramatta, Blacktown City, Cumberland Council, Liverpool City and Penrith City.

    Our Services in Western Sydney includes

    • Residential Pest Control
    • Commercial Pest Control
    • Termite Solutions
    • Disinfection Service
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    Why Use a Pest Controller?

    Technicians are trained in a lot more than just applying chemicals. Their qualification provides the knowledge and ability to use a range of proven methods to stop pest activity and reduce the potential of future infestations.

    Many of the treatments used in residential pest control are also used in hospitals, restaurants, cafes, and food manufacturing.

    The treatments are designed to have an immediate impact and also provide ongoing protection and chemicals has to be approved and registered by the Australian pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

    How often should I have My house Checked for Pests?

    Yearly inspection for termites and other pests is the best way to minimise pest infections from developing. Commercial building and business will need more regular treatments.

    What To Expect After Pest Control Treatments?

    Our treatments will see a strong reduction in the level of pests although total elimination will take few weeks.

    • If you normally get regular yearly treatments, you will see pests dying all year round.
    • You might notice cockroaches and other pests walking slowly.
    • Pests have to come across the insecticide for them to die, IT DOES NOT WORK BY SMELL, otherwise, we will be affected.


    Chemicals we use in your home are fast and effective at getting rid of pests, they are completely safe for human, (including children, pregnant women and even pets and plants. They have no smell or dangerous vapours. They are 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.

    Is There Any Odour When You Spray for Pests?

    Generally, no. Most treatments are odourless.

    Which pests are covered by Quepest control services?

    Wide range of pests, including cockroaches, pest birds, rodents, bed bugs, spiders, silverfish, ants, flying pests and more. Our pest control solution is specialized for the type of pest and the extent of infestation that you have.

    Check out our website for more information on the pests that we deal with. Each pest has a dedicated section, which details our pest control approach specific to each.

    What areas do you treat for pests?

    Quepest control treat all internal and external areas of your property that have been identified as a pest hotspot. This includes sections within and outside your infrastructure, such as letterboxes, gardens, windows, driveways, pathways, gutter systems, sheds, roof voids, fences, storage areas and more.

    However, we limit treatment application to sensitive areas, such as herb and fruit gardens, fishponds and tanks, and the like.

    Our pest control services are designed for your specific needs so, please don’t hesitate to talk to our technicians about any limitations you want to set.

    Can people stay within the property while we treat for pests?

    It is okay to be present while our team works on your site. However, you will need to discuss with your licensed technician. We always want you to be safe.

    Is our pest control treatment safe for pets?

    After treatment, your premises (inside and outside) is safe for pets. As soon as our treatment dries up, your pets are free to roam your yard.

    However, during treatment, we ask that you put away pet toys, bowls, and other items they use. For our part, we will make sure that any bowl left lying around is turned over.

    During treatment, please keep your pets away from treatment areas for at least two hours.

    Is Termite Damage covered by home or contents insurance?

    No. The risk of termite damage is so high, insurance companies refuse to cover it.

    Why should I have a termite inspection by a Professional Technicians?

    Detecting termites really is not easy if you don’t know what to look for, where to look and haven’t had any experience. Technicians are trained in termite detection and are experienced at inspecting many different types of homes.

    Do I need to clean up my property after treatment?

    For our treatment to be fully effective, it is ideal that you do not mop floors for at least 48 hours from treatment. Don’t worry; the treatment we use inside premises is safe and fully dries fast. Treatment for your outdoor areas need to dry out naturally first before you let out your pets and children.

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